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Marble & Stone Care


SAF-T-STEP® N.A.C.™ Cleaner/Treatment - Gal.

A highly effective concentrated cleaner formulated for concrete, epoxy, quarry and ceramic tiles, brick, wood, vinyl and other floor surfaces. Unlike other floor maintenance products, NAC™ deep cleans and treats the floor with slip-reducing agents which increases the coefficient of friction on the floor surface and reduces the potential for slip-and-fall accidents. Effective for use on floors in warehouses, loading docks, industrial plants, food processing plants, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, schools and anywhere slips and falls are a problem.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #NAC-128

SAF-T-STEP® Floor Cleaner & Safety Treatment - Gal.

Formulated for use on porous floors such as quarry and ceramic tile, concrete floors. It is used full strength or diluted to remove both grease deposits and silica stains while restoring the stone floor surface to its original slip-resistant condition. Ideally suited for the food service industry on kitchen floors and prep areas; restaurants, commissaries, fast food and food service operations. Industrial applications in manufacturing facilities, school shower rooms and anywhere else that soiled and slippery floor surfaces can lead to costly slip and fall accidents. UL classified as to slip resistance. Non-hazardous. Works on organic and inorganic soils.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #STS-128

SAF-T-STEP® Squeeze-N-Go™ Burnishing Gel - 16 oz.

Floor safety burnishing gel for use on marble and stone, and over acrylic floor finishes. Floor remains dry. Increases slip resistance. Great shine. No special equipment or procedures. Protects floor; improves appearance.  6/cs
Manufacturers Item #SNG-16