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Floor Finishes


Sarco Ultra Easy Floor Finish - Gal.

Manufacturers Item #SR-1010

Sarco Ultra Easy Floor Finish - 5 Gal. Pail

Manufacturers Item #SR-1010-5

Core Green Logic™ Metal-Free Floor Finish - Gal.

Metal-free floor seal and finish with advanced cross-linked polymer technology produces a high quality, modified acrylic polish. (Zinc, a component of many floor finishes, is toxic to aquatic life in streams, rivers and lakes). Environmentally preferable with increased finish durability, thus reducing the need to strip and recoat frequently. Superior detergent resistance, gloss retention and mark resistance relative to conventional metal-free polishes. Low VOC's. Biodegradable. Non-toxic and low odor. Ready to use.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #GLFF-128

SSS® Legacy™ Metal Free Floor Finish

Legacy meets today's need for a finish that contains no zinc or other heavy metals that can be harmful to wastewater treatment systems. Can be maintained with scrub and recoat procedures, also spray buffing or high speed burnishing. An environmentally preferable metal free floor seal and finish formulated with the most advanced polymer technology. Low odor, exceptional durability. EcoLogo™ Certified, EarthCare® Certified.
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SSS® Matrix Ultra High Solids UHS System Finish - Gal.

The Polymer Matrix Technology™ coating that provides the highest level of gloss and protection in the fewest number of coats. Excellent for UHS floor care programs. Excellent leveling, easy to apply and low odor formula.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #13114

SSS® Slam Dunk 25 Ultra High Solids System Finish -2.5 Gal

Formulated with a patented polymer technology that is designed to work with any maintenance method and any equipment on all types of floors. Requires fewer coats and provides outstanding gloss. Excellent durability and superior leveling.  2/cs
Manufacturers Item #48084