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Floor Squeegees


Haviland 300-Line Floor Squeegees

This premium quality floor squeege is built to last. Available in straight and curved. Excellent with high and low temperature liquids.
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Unger® AquaDozer® Eco Squeegees

14 gauge galvanized steel frame with black EPDM rubber. Optional ACME threaded insert sold separately. Use with AL14T or AL14A.
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Unger® AquaDozer® Heavy Duty Squeegees

For heavy-duty jobs and moving large volumes of water, mud, debris, etc. Made with black EPDM rubber. Constructed with 14 gauge powder-coated steel frame. Reinforced zinc alloy handle socket. Optional ACME threaded insert sold separately. Replacement blades available.
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Unger® Sanitary Brush Floor Squeegees

Squeegee and brush in one. Acid-resistant, non-corroding. Double black foam-rubber squeegee is perfect for drying tiles and grout lines. Polypropylene bristles offer effective scrubbing while being gentle on floors.
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